Writing Department



  1. Preparing the day
  2. Announcement of the day-notification
  3. Preparation of the Assembly Meeting Minutes
  4. Writing the Assembly Record Summary
  5. Writing of Assembly Decisions
  6. Communiqué / Archive of Assembly Decisions

Executive Operations

  1. Preparing the Executive Board
  2. Writing of the Executive Summary Notebook
  3. Writing of Council Decisions
  4. Communiqué of the Council Decisions / Archive
  5. Writing / Declaration of Tender Decisions

General Documents-Distribution

  1. Registration of incoming documents
  2. Delivery of documents to internal and external units
  3. File and archive removal
  4. Writing of outgoing documents
  5. Registration
  6. Delivery of documents to internal and external units
  7. Removing Files and Archives

Administrative Works and Transactions

  1. Presidential Power of Attorney
  2. Presidential Authority Transfer Procedures
  3. Vice President Transactions
  4. Property Reporting Operations
  5. Personnel Employee Transactions
  6. Movable Goods Operations
  7. Legislation Broadcast Subscriber Transactions

Notice Processing

  1. Making announcements (Clipboard-speaker)
  2. Signing, signing of the announcement minutes
  3. Removing Files and Archives

Postal Work

  1. Advance payment to postage payment machine
  2. Posting the mail document
  3. Retention of the mail registry