Science Department

The Directorate of Science and Technology is responsible for fulfilling science affairs in order to bring the urban experience on the municipal boundaries to the contemporary level. The main ones are;

Providing the codes of intermediate and main roads in the municipality boundaries in accordance with the development plans. Opening of roads in accordance with these codes and construction of road construction services.

Stabilize the roads that are opened, compress and stabilize the roads to make maintenance and repair.

Construction of curbs and troughs.

Maintenance and repair of roads by providing necessary pavement for pavement work.

To be sent to the Accountancy Department for determination of expenditure shares and determination of accruals and collection of expenditures related to the services rendered.

All kinds of municipal buildings and facilities, preparation of detailed projects and explorations. The project should be tendered if necessary.

According to the annual investment plan, the execution of the affairs of the works directed to it and the follow-up and control of the transactions of these works are carried out duly until the final acceptance stage.

Inspection, approval and archiving of definite accounts documents and files such as schedules, schedules, attachments, green leds, which are completed and provisionally accepted and liquidated and all kinds of maintenance, repair and construction works.

The report on the mail - i ınhidam structures shall be prepared and forwarded to the related public institutions.

All kinds of requests from the citizens of the Directorate are assessed in person and the solutions are prepared and communication with the necessary Institutions is ensured.

Providing necessary permissions, follow-up and maintenance to enable the excavation of all types of institutions and individuals in the intermediate and main roads within the boundaries of the province.

Conducting joint technical studies with disaster-affected public institutions (floods, earthquakes, winds, etc.)

To determine the source of the material to be used in the road maintenance work, from which source and from the quarry, to provide continuous supervision of the utilization of the quarries.

Determination and directing of casting site of debris, which is composed of substructure excavations and all kinds of construction activities within our province.

Projects, maintenance, repair and subscription of all kinds of electrical works of our constructions, parks, construction works completed in all units connected to our municipality.

To prepare the tender dossier for the preparation of the tender commissions to be made within the year of our municipality and to be notified to the members of the established commissions.

The "Expertise Report" containing information about the residents of the public institutions who want to borrow loans from their institutions is to be determined and arranged.