Financial Services Department


Coordinate the preparation of the strategic plan and performance program and carry out the work of consoling the results,

To prepare the administrative budget, including budget estimates for the following two years, in accordance with the strategic plan and annual performance program and to monitor and evaluate the compliance of administrative activities with these,

To prepare a detailed expenditure program and to send the payment to the concerned units in consideration of the service requirements in the framework of the budget principles and principles to be determined according to the legislation,

To keep the budget records, to collect and evaluate the data related to the results of the budget implementation, to prepare the budget final account, to prepare the financial statistics,

To make the administrative income accrued within the framework of related legislation, to carry out the follow-up transactions of income and receivables to carry out the collection transactions of income and receivables.

To carry out accounting services in the administrations outside the scope of the general budget,

To prepare the activity report of the staff based on the unit activity reports prepared by the expenditure units,

Arranging the remainder of the contracts relating to the movable and immovable property owned or used by the owner,

Coordinate the preparation of the investment program, monitor implementation results and prepare annual investment appraisal report,

To carry out and finalize the necessary financial transactions and transactions required by the other administrations,

To provide the necessary information and consultancy to the top management and spending authorities on the implementation of other legislation related to financial laws,

To carry out the preliminary financial control activity,

Establishing the internal control system, working on the implementation and development of the standards

To perform other duties assigned by the head of administration in financial matters