Directorate of Police

ARTICLE 1 - (1) The purpose of this Regulation is to regulate the establishment, duties, powers and responsibilities of the Directorate of Municipal Police and the working procedures.


ARTICLE 2 - (1) This Regulation covers the duties, powers and responsibilities of the personnel in the municipal police municipality and the working principles and procedures.


ARTICLE 3 - (1) This Regulation shall be amended by the Municipality Council Decision of Çilimli Municipality on 24/11/2009; And on the Municipal Police Regulation which was prepared based on article 51 of Municipality Law No 5393 dated 03/07/2005 and published in the Official Gazette dated 11 April 2007 and numbered 26490.

ARTICLE 4 - (1) In the implementation of this Regulation;
A) Municipal Monument: A special police force that maintains the order of Belden, protects the peace, health and peace of the people of the city and implements the decisions of the competent organs for this purpose,
B) Municipal police officers: In the municipal police department, directors, commissioners and officers

Organization, Establishment, Staff and Titles, Commitment, Duty Area and Working Level


ARTICLE 5 - (1) Personnel Structure of the Police Department is as follows.

3-Police Officer
4-Assistant Public Officials Personnel
5-Other Personnel

(2) Municipalities and their affiliates and Local Authority Associations In accordance with the Principles Regarding Norm Cadre Principles and Standards, the service areas of the units, in line with their duties and responsibilities, are needed in order to carry out the jobs and transactions more efficiently and efficiently

With the proposal of the municipal municipality and with the approval of the mayor, it is possible to assign "bureau supervisor" and "manager assistant" for service without compensation for the staff.


ARTICLE 6- (1) Considering the population, physical and geographical structure of Belden and its development potential, units may be established in accordance with the norm cadre needed for the municipal police. In cases where the number of permanent staff members is not sufficient, the Assistant Municipal Service can be made through the purchase of services or is assigned to the other workers' staff of the Municipality. (2) The municipal registry may be divided into sections such as development, environment, health, traffic and tourism, depending on the extent and intensity of service. (3) The municipal registry serves fixed, mobile or collective according to the nature of the service.

Staff and titles

ARTICLE 7- (1) Personnel cadres and titles of municipal police organization; Municipalities and Affiliates and Local Administrations Associations are determined according to the Principles Regarding Norm Cadre Principles and Standards; The municipal police officer, the municipal police officer and the municipal police officer.


ARTICLE 8- (1) The municipal police department is attached to the mayor. The mayor may transfer the powers on the municipal police to the mayor.


Task field

MADDE 9–(1) Belediye zabıtası belediye sınırları içerisinde görevli ve yetkilidir. Ayrıca, mücavir alanlarda kanunlarla  belediyenin  yetki  ve  sorumluluğuna  verilmiş  hizmetler  bakımından  da  yetkili  ve görevlidir. (2)  Büyükşehir  belediye  zabıtası  ile  büyük şehir  ilçe  ve  ilk  kademe belediye  zabıtalarının birlikte görev yaptığı durumlarda gözetim ve koordinasyon yetkisi, büyük şehir zabıta biriminin en üst amirine aittir. Bu durumda büyük şehir belediyesinin görevlendireceği zabıta amirinin ilçe ve ilk kademe belediyesinin görevlendireceği zabıta amirinden daha üst rütbeli veya aynı rütbede ise kıdemli olması şarttır.

Çalışma düzeni

MADDE 10–(1)  Belediye  zabıta  hizmetleri  resmi  tatil  günleri  de  dahil  olmak  üzere,  günün  24  saati aksatılmadan sürdürülür. Zabıta personelinin çalışma süresi ve saatleri 14/7/1965 tarihli ve 657 sayılı Devlet Memurları Kanununda belirtilen çalışma süre ve saatlerine bağlı olmaksızın, hizmetin  aksatılmadan  yürütülmesini  sağlayacak  şekilde  aynı  Kanunun  101  inci  maddesi gereğince Devlet Personel Başkanlığının uygun görüşü alındıktan sonra belediye zabıtasının en yüksek dereceli amirinin teklifi ve belediye başkanının onayı ile tespit olunur. Fazla çalışma ücretleri ile ilgili olarak 5393 sayılı Kanunda yer alan hükümler uygulanır. (2) Zabıta personelinin çalışma saatleri vardiyalar halinde görevin gereğine göre 24 saat iş 48 saat  istirahat  veya  12  saat  iş  24  saat  istirahat  şeklinde  düzenlenebilir.  Belediye  zabıta memurlarının haftalık olağan çalışma saatleri 48 saati geçmeyecek şekilde düzenlenir. Ancak, personel sayısı az olan zabıtalarda 12 saat iş, 12 saat istirahat şeklinde düzenleme yapılabilir. Bu  uygulamadan  dolayı  hizmetin  sürekliliğini  aksatmamak  kaydıyla  ve  bir  sıra  dahilinde personele 657 sayılı Kanunun 99 uncu maddesi göz önünde bulundurularak ayrıca haftada bir gün ilave izin verilebilir.

Görev, Yetki Ve Sorumluluk Belediye Zabıtasının Görevleri

MADDE 11– (1) Belediye zabıtasının görevleri şunlardır:

a) Beldenin düzeni ve esenliği ile ilgili görevleri;

1) To perform the duties specified in the laws, regulations and regulations and to perform the duties specified by the municipality in order to protect and preserve the peace and health of the people of the municipality within the borders of the municipality.
2) To carry out duties which are stated to be fulfilled by the municipality but which do not concern the existing units of the municipality due to its nature and which are supposed to be fulfilled by the municipal police.
3) To apply decisions and orders taken by municipal decision making bodies and to monitor their results,
4) To see the services required by national holidays and public holidays and ceremonies to be held on special days.
5) To make necessary warnings, to take precautions, to ensure that the flag is hung up in the Republic Day for the work places to stay closed.
6) To fulfill the follow-up, control, permission and prohibitory aspects of the laws as a duty to the municipalities.
7) To take the necessary actions concerning the municipality punishments in violation of the prohibitions that the municipal council and the council have put in accordance with the laws.
8) In accordance with Law No. 394 dated 2/1/1924 of the Week of Holiday, to prevent the employees from working and to carry out the legal transactions in their rights by closing the work places without obtaining permission from the municipality.
9) to protect the goods and merchandise in accordance with the provisions of the legislation and the decisions and procedures of the municipal authorities in this respect; Handing over to the owners when they understand it; Goods and goods that do not come out of possession are subject to maintenance and supervision costs if there is no special provision in the legislation
Then to be given to the bula.
10) to prevent the breakdown of the common fountains, according to the Law on Waters No 831 dated 28/4/1926; Breaking or breaking down, mixing other water with city drinking water, or throwing out any harmful substances
To do necessary legal actions on polluters around the resources
11) According to the Population Services Law dated 25/4/2006 and numbered 5490 and the number given to the buildings and the streets given in the framework of the Regulation Regarding Address and Numbering published in the Official Gazette dated 31/7/2006 and numbered 25245
Dismantling of plates, to prevent deterioration.
12) To fulfill the duties given to the municipalities in the fields of unlabeled goods, defective goods and services, avoidance of sale, installment and campaign sales and supervision issues within the provisions of Law No. 4077 dated 23/2/1995 on the Consumer Protection.
13) To determine the works done by the municipality without permission or without the payment of duties and taxes while subjecting the municipality to the permission or taxes and fees, and to promptly perform the manservation and the legal proceedings in case there are any problems in their construction, operation, use or sale.
14) Those who are convicted in prison according to the Law No 2548 dated 30/6/1934 and the fees to be paid by the Criminal Houses for the Construction of the Trial of the Presidency of the Courts and the Prisons to be Paid to the Prisoners and the Custodial Officers dated 11/8/1941 and numbered 4109
About Assistance to the Needy According to the law, researching the needy about the applicants with the declaration that they are in need of assistance.