Marriage Procedures

In our country, marriage procedures are regulated by Turkish Civil Code and Marriage Regulation.

  1. It is inevitable that couples to be married should apply for a marriage officer personally. No single application is accepted. During the application, the parties must show their photo ID cards. Marriage Officer approves identity cards by requesting identity cards and checking the wallet example. No application will be accepted if the identity card is not shown (Evlnd.Yont.Mad.16)
  2. It is sufficient for one of the couples to be housed to reside within the provincial borders of Çilimli Municipality.
  3. The couples to be married are required to bring their original marriage ID cards. Driver's license and corporate identity are not accepted. Identity cards that exceed the last 10 years and are very worn will not be accepted. (Art.18 Art.21)
  4. Male and female passport size photographs (4 pcs of photographs to be issued, colored and drawn from the front side must be taken within the last 6 months and not copied by photocopy). (Evlnd.Yan.Mad.20)
  5. The other necessary documents and the health care to be obtained will be approved by the Institution for Family Medicine.) (Evlnd.Yandır.Mad.20)


Couples who have not completed 18 years of age can marry with the permission of Mother and Father. (With the month and day account) If the mother and the father are dead, their death will be documented by the birth register. Those who are under 17 years of age can marry a court decision.


  1. Divorced or widowed women must be divorced and deported 10 months after the date of registration of the date of death (300 days before marriage can not be married, for the ones who do not want to wait for the suicide to be completed, the decision to abstain from the family court (300 days)
  2. It is imperative that the last marriage be processed in the identity cards of the concerned persons.


  1. If one of the spouses is Turkish, they can apply to the population directorate, the consulates and the provincial and district marriage offices where the registration of residence is available.
  2. Those who are foreign citizens are subject to a bachelors certificate (marriage certificate)
  3. In other countries, the conventions that are found in Düzce are to have the documents of marriage cushioned to Düzce Governorate (Legal Affairs Directorate).
  4. Foreign nationals and ladies must have their passports translated from the official translators' offices and approved by the notary public.
  5. No transaction will be established based on documents issued by Honorary Consuls
  6. It is obligatory to have an interpreter for the foreigner who does not speak Turkish during marriage.


The ladies who want to use the maiden name will fill in the required printed documents and sign it in front of the marriage officer. Those who do not want to use the genealogical name from the marriage officer may request it from the population directorate after the marriage process.


  1. Çilimli 'do not reside in the marriage house of Çilimli municipality will make a marriage lodge in the place where they will lodge the application will receive a certificate of permission.
  2. Those who will live in Çilimli 's place and prepare for the wedding ceremony elsewhere will prepare the necessary documents and obtain the permission certificate from Çilimli' s wedding ceremony, so that they can marry the place where they want.
  3. Since the application documents are valid within 6 months (180 days) from the date of receipt, the requested day of marriage will not exceed this date range.
  4. Applications made with missing documents are not accepted.


  1. Those who do not have the power to distinguish can not marry (but the restrictions can marry with the permission of the legal representative)
  2. Those with ties can not marry.
  3. Those who can not prove that your previous marriage ended; In case of grave, those who do not make a court decision about marriage can not marry.
  4. If marriage comes to an end, the woman can not marry until three hundred days have passed since the end of her marriage.
  5. Mental illnesses can not get married until they are understood by the official medical board report that they have no medical problems in their marriage.
  6. Those who have not documented by the official health report can not marry that there is no obstacle to marriage.
  7. Yeake kinship, beech kinship, etc. Those who are related can not marry.