I was born in Çilimli in 1971. My dad is a farmer, my mother is a housewife. We are 8 brothers. In 1978 I completed my primary and secondary school education at Çilimli and high school college at Düzce Ticaret Lisesi. University college still continuing at Düzce University.

I started my trade life with the printing press that I established in 1994 and I am doing trade in the same profession until now.

In 1990, I participated in active political life in Refah Party youth branches respectively in virtue party district management and happiness party provincial administration. In 2003, I worked in the Justice and Development Party (AKP) Balkan District Organization. In the 2004 local elections, I was elected to the 1st place parliamentary membership of Çilimli Municipality. I was elected to the Provincial Board of Directors at the AK Party Provincial Congress held in 2006. During the 2007 elections, I was in charge of the Provincial Ministry of National Defense. Then I was the Vice President of the AK Party Provincial Administration. I resigned from this post in 2009 and found that I applied for candidacy candidate for Çilimli Municipality and wanted to serve as a candidate for president. I was elected to Çilimli Municipality in 2009 and I am still continuing.

I am married and have three children.