President's Message

As Çilimli Municipality; We went out with the right to "search in the right way, think well, observe what they think, apply it seriously".

Our municipality is in an effort to realize the services provided to Çilimli in accordance with the requirements of contemporary municipalism. Today's municipalities can only organize water, sewage, roads, cleaning works, licenses etc. Limited to services, can not continue classic municipality.

Arriving point; The municipalities are tasked with finding and finding solutions to the most basic problems such as social and economical development of our regions, increasing the welfare level of the people and presenting employment areas.

These new tasks, which are directly related to the raising of the quality of life of our people, necessitate a new service concept.

We will continue our efforts to keep our people in a modern, contemporary and high-standard district. As our nurses continue to support us, we will make our beautiful Cilimli together as a district developed from an economic, social and cultural point of view.

We know that we will see all of the Çilimli people who do not leave us alone in our efforts to raise the level of beauty and prosperity that Çilimli is worthy of, and who do not spare their contribution and support.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the work of our municipality,

Muhsin YAVUZ

Mayor of Çilimli