About the Municipality

Çilimli was separated from Düzce in 1990 and became an independent district. In December 1999, Çilimli was linked to Düzce with Düzce being a province. There is a municipal organization in the district center.

There are 7 villages and 20 villages. The settlements are close to each other.

Alacamescit Isaacs Söğütlü Kafyayla Tepeköy Bicycle Bay Karajörtlen Çalılık Kırkharman Yeniköy Dikmeli Kirazarla Yenivakıf Döngelli Kuşoğlu Yukarıkaraköy Esenli Pırpır Hızardere Sarımeşe

The economy of the county is generally based on agriculture. In the region, mainly hazelnuts, corn, tobacco, sugar beets and other vegetable varieties and paddy are produced. The province has a total area of ​​7,022 hectares, 2,219 hectares of arable land, 3,816 hectares of vineyard land, 195 hectares of meadow and pasture land, 387 hectares of woodland, 215 hectares of irrigation and 190 hectares of irrigation area. 54.34% of the province is nuts and vineyards. Ilçenin 1999 hazelnut production 4,500 frozen. There are 5,700 large heads, 500 small heads and 92,750 poultry in the district. There are 1,200 henna hatches and 32 annual honey production. In 1999, red meat production was frozen 105.

There are 2 hazelnut cracking factories belonging to the private sector in the district. Besides this, 3K Kelebek Mobilya ve Dekorasyon Tesisleri has been operating in the district. Also in the district, Düzkap Sunta Plant, İto Kilit Fabrikası, Parrot Textile Factory, Rotmans, Marlboro Tobacco Factory and Karaçular Gıda Sanayi A.Ş. Ziraat Bank also has a branch in the district.