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Düzce Provinces; Akçakoca, Cumayeri, Çilimli, Gökyaka, Gümüşova, Kaynaşlı and Yığılca are the people.

Düzce: It is plainly the only ancient city of Western Black Sea that stands up to date. Who entered the Ottoman territory in 1323 by Konuralp Bey, commander of the Orhan Gazi, who lived in Eti Civilization, which ruled between 1390 and 800; Today, important administrative, economic and social developments are always on the way to increase and there is a sub-structure that will provide many field developments; It is a province that is strong enough to recover in a short time after 17 August and 12 November Depremes.

It connects the whole of Anatolia to the big centers and is especially in the frontal garden between Ankara and İstanbul between the two big cities like Ankara - Istanbul, along the TEM highway route. Akçakoca is our shortest distance to the capital city Ankara.

Akçakoca: Akçakoca is the most western part of the Black Sea Region, Western Black Sea Region.

The closest window to the sea in Central Anatolia is a quaint holiday village where green and blue are merged. The local people live with hazelnut, fish and tourism. It is located between the metropolises of Ankara and Istanbul. Thanks to its warm hospitality, fresh water and sea fish and trout production and facilities, which are well known for its history and natural beauties, and with its live alabalı that grows naturally on its springs, hazelnuts, fruit juice, mountain chalks, famous chestnut fish, especially healing beaches , Maritime and folkloric features and offers a combination of leisure and entertainment for every budget.

Known history BC Akçakoca is based on 1112; In history Diapolis, Akçaşar, Akçaşehir have taken the names; In 1934, the name of the Ottoman commander Akçakoca Bey, known as the conqueror of the region, began to be remembered. We invite all of you to discover Düzce and Akçakoca in order to be hosted in the hottest, greenest, most blue, most different, most delicious, cheapest, least-discovered municipality.

Gölyaka: Gölyaka is located at the westernmost part of the Düzce Province within the western borders of the Western Black Sea Region. Gölyaka shows itself as a center of attraction with its water resources, springs and forests.

Cumayeri: Cumayeri District, located on the north-west of Düzce, was connected with Düzce Province in December 1999.

Gümüşova: District Düzce İline 18 km. It is at the end of the Düzce Plain in the distance. During the periods when hunting is free, fish hunting is being carried out in the Melen Brook, which is a province. The district has unique plant texture such as hazelnut, tea, beech and walnut in the Black Sea climate.

Kaynaşlı: Kaynaşlı is located on the Istanbul-Ankara road, on the Bosphorus with the Düzce Plain.

In the Düzce earthquake that took place on November 12, 1999, Kaynaşlı became one place. 313 people lost their lives and 544 people were wounded in the province where long fault breaks and cracks occurred. Northern Anatolian fault broke in Kaynaşlı in November 12 earthquake. For this reason, Kaynaşlı located at the tip of the fault is the settlement area which is most affected by the November 12 earthquake. More than 90% of buildings in the city have been damaged.

Yığılca: Düzce and Akçakoca districts from the west, Kaynaşlı district and Bolu province from the south, Alaplı district of Zonguldak province from the north, and Mengen district of Bolu province in the east.